People cry when they see my video. Even strangers.
— Yesenia, Bride

Candid Moments  |  Natural Light  |  Authentic Storytelling 

Technical skill can be learned. However, the ability to truly capture a story, to tell it as it should be told, to give it heart, this is a God-given gift. As a cinematographer, Regan is a true artist, possessing both these qualities.
— Grayson


I use top-notch cameras, audio, and lighting gear to capture your day with attention to professional detail.

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No couple, love story or wedding day is the same! I take time to get to know you as a couple so I can get to know you and your story. 



 I spend *lots* of hours crafting and then tweaking every film, from the shot choices, to the story line, to the color grading. I want your film be everything you dreamed it would be--and then some. 


Temecula, California

My video came out to be perfect, and makes everyone cry, every time. I’ve heard from several friends and family that it was the best one they ever saw.
— Marianna

big bear, california

Honestly her film made our wedding look even better than we remembered it!
— Carolyn


I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I have watched our film, and it’s always an out-of-body experience where we feel we’re transported back to that day.
— Brian

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The work she did on our video is STUNNING and better than anything I could have imagined or hoped for!
— Megan


If you want to capture your love story, the spirit and emotions of the day, you will not go wrong with Regan. Easily one of the best wedding decisions we made!
— Alinn