First things First: WHY I LOVE WEDDINGS


I’m newly married myself, so I understand the struggle it is to find just the right person to capture your day, on top of the other 5,974 decisions you are making about your wedding.

For me, your wedding film deserves to be more than just music and pretty video clips. It is more than an event to be covered, it is a story to be told.  

The decision and moments leading up to your day have been months, if not years, in the making. All those little plans and big dreams come together when you say,  “I do”. It’s a moment that changes everything, and it’s a moment you won’t ever want to forget.

Every wedding I unobtrusively capture those genuine moments smiles and tears to create a beautiful and compelling story you will treasure for years to come.  

Each second of your film is thought about and meticulously crafted -- from color grading to music selection. As the primary cinematographer and editor, you know that what you see in my portfolio is the same quality of work you will receive yourself.

My favorite part of my job is getting to know the couples I work with, and hear the beautiful story of how out of the other seven billion souls on this planet--they found and chose each other.