Josh + Erika

Greynolds Park // Miami, Florida

Editing films requires watching your video over, and over, and over again, tweaking and adjusting with every step. But this film, this wedding, was so incredibly beautiful, I found myself replaying it just out of sheer enjoyment. 

Erika is an incredible film photographer, and Josh is a musician (who, I found out, was somewhat of a celebrity at my church when I was in high school for playing at our summer camp). Let's be honest: these two are just straight up cool. Beautiful on the inside and out, the deep-souled kind of people. But not the kind who call attention to themselves. They opted for a small, intimate family wedding, where they sealed their covenant a little hidden space under majestic oaks. 

I was so privileged to be apart of the day, so honored to shoot for someone as talented in the wedding world as Erika is. Congrats Josh and Erika!

Cinematography: Regan Elizabeth Films
Planner/Designer: Roxanne Bellamy
Photography: Jeanette Polynice

Makeup/Hair: Jamie Conrad
Cake: Earth & Sugar