Fun Facts:

I really like fun facts!

I am born and raised in sunny South Florida, but living in sunny San Diego currently. 

You'll probably find me either surfing, playing soccer, or reading in my free time.

I am newly married to the most wonderful man on the planet. I highly recommend it.

Going to college in Columbia, South Carolina left me with a soft spot for the good 'ol South.

Coffee and I get along great.

Dopamine levels rapidly increase for me when I am in the ocean.

Did you know that a blue whale's heart is the size of a Volkswagen?!

I can't think of a person I don't like.

The Office will always be the best. Hands down.

Trying to figure out the Myers Briggs personality types of people I know is a hobby of mine. I'm an ENFP.

Here's how it happened.

My parents would go out for a date on a Friday night, and by the time they'd come home my brother and I would have filled up the home video tape with skits for them to watch. They'd plop down in front of the TV and proceed to sit through twenty minutes of our shenanigans--usually dancing in front of the camera.

As I got older, my interest in visual storytelling developed. I would get lost for hours and hours on end putting together films, enthralled in the creative process.

As friends started getting married, they began asking me to shoot their day for them.

“Seriously?! You trust me to do that?" would be my initial response.

It turns out they really liked their films, and I really liked making them.

That was over five years ago. To this day, I still get excited for every wedding and the unique story that's about to unfold. 

Because love is a beautiful story. I'll never get tired of the unconditional, covenant love that marriage is a symbol of. It's what grounds this whole universe and reflects the sacrificial and reckless love of God himself.

Everything I do is rooted and grounded in my faith. I do all I do to lift up the name of my Savior, whose love has led me to the greatest joy I've ever known. 

That's me. But I'm more interested in you! So send me an email and let's talk about how I can tell your beautiful story.